Restore the Lost Innocence of Rescued Girls

Recently, 13-year-old Yamin was tricked by a human trafficker into believing she would be getting a good job to provide for her impoverished family during COVID-19 lockdowns. She was kidnapped and enslaved in a brothel with other young girls who had also been tricked.

Every day at her new prison, Yamin was beaten, starved and violently raped.

By an incredible turn of events, her mother and community were able to rescue her and the other girls. (To read the entire story of horrific evil and daring heroism, click here.)

After someone like Yamin is rescued, immediate medical care is always needed due to the beatings, starvation and violent rapes.

And then the nightmares start. Most nights, the rescued girls relive their hell over and over again. Intensive trauma counseling is needed to help them work through the nightmares, flashbacks and PTSD.

The girls also need an incredible amount of love and support to adjust again to normal living—as they learn when to trust others. Moreover, they have to overcome the social stigma of what has happened to them. This takes an unwavering network of committed people in their lives.

Lastly, many of these girls are entering young adulthood and need to learn how to provide for themselves. They require vocational training so they can thrive on their own.

Above all else, they need Jesus. He is the only one who can bring true healing, redemption, restoration, and hope for these precious girls.

Altogether, the holistic care for each rescued girl only costs about $50 per month. Our goal is to raise $25,000 per month to help 500 girls in a number of nations where Heaven's Family is serving. The rehabilitation ministries we partner with provide in-depth, hands-on, residentially-based, and Christ-centered care sensitive to each girl's unique needs.

Today, under COVID-19 lockdowns, human trafficking is exploding in the Asia-Pacific region. Millions of young girls like Yamin are now home alone for many hours or on the streets while their parents are desperately trying to find ways to provide for them. It's a trafficker's dream come true. And they aren't wasting time. So neither can we!

Can you help fight back against the traffickers and restore the lost innocence of these young girls?

Your single gift of $50 can help provide an entire month of healing care for a rescued girl like Yamin. A monthly gift of $50 will ensure that she, and others after her, will receive all the ongoing medical care, therapy, support, and vocational training she needs to achieve a fully restored life in Jesus Christ.

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$50 will help one rescued girl. How many girls can you help?

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